In 1990 I began contributing articles to most of the leading backgammon periodicals.

By the time I had completed Can a Fish Taste Twice as Good? I had written quite a few, enough for this collection. Included were several articles that had never been published, and new introductions for each piece. As the title hints, most pieces have a humorous cast. It is also the only backgammon book with a picture of the author riding an elephant. Four-Point may be purchased for $36.00 + shipping from Ms. Carol Joy Cole at cjc@tir.com. Selected pieces may be found in the Archives. The material below is the text appearing on the book’s back cover.


Jake’s Writing -- An Appraisal

        The Fans

Danny Kleinman in correspondence

                “I regard inspiring Jake Jacobs to write about backgammon as one of the crowning achievements of my                  own backgammon career.”

Don Jayhan in The CHICAGO POINT

                “For pure enjoyment and fun, there is no better writer than our own Jake Jacobs.”

Howard Ring in The Flint Area BackgammoNews

                “Jake is an excellent storyteller.”

Carol Joy Cole in correspondence

                “You’re wickedly wonderful.”           

            The Critics

The Editors of PENTHOUSE in correspondence

                “Does not suit the needs of PENTHOUSE.”

Yamin Yamin in The YAMIN POINT

                “The YAMIN POINT has said no to Jake Jacobs.”

Jake Jacobs in The CHICAGO POINT

                “Mr. Jacobs clearly has no concept of how to handle the cube at this match score. (His) article was                 pointless, as well as being unfunny.”

            The Confused

Walter Trice in The CHICAGO POINT

                “Jake Jacobs’ latest contains nothing but mystification.”

Yamin Yamin in The CHICAGO POINT

                “Dr. Frankenstein was none other than Jake himself!”

A Teller in the Des Plaines National Bank

                “Is this supposed to be a ‘J’?”

       The Easily Amused

Ray Fogerlund in The CHICAGO POINT

                “He is so, so funny!”

Marc Gray in The CHICAGO POINT

                “Keep the laughs coming.”

       The Discerning

Jim Painter in The CHICAGO POINT

                “‘Hong Kong’ is nonpareil.”

Carol Joy Cole in The CHICAGO POINT

                “‘The Naked And The Dead’ was one of his best ever.”

            The Covetous

Martin Lee in The CHICAGO POINT

                “(‘A Quick Match’) is a keeper.”

Mario Madrigal in The CHICAGO POINT

                “Ask Jake Jacobs to save some Dong Dong Ju for me.”

        The Well-Wishers

The Editors of The ATLANTIC in correspondence

                “Best of luck placing it elsewhere.”

Jeremy Bagai in correspondence

                “Congratulations on having written the world’s most esoteric backgammon book.”

            The Straight Poop

Howard Markowitz in conversation

                “I was sitting on the toilet, and I laughed out loud.”

            For What It’s Worth

Marcy Sloan after reading “Jake Goes Commercial”

                “Here’s a nickel.”

Noi in the Friendship Bar

                “5 baht!”